Time to make it blog official – we signed with the publisher Hansen House! The first book of our Etherea Cycle, Trials of the Innermost, will release August 26th, 2022. Long have we searched for representation for ourselves as authors and our series so that it can be released to the world the right way. Given the lgbtq+ representation in our novel, and the appeal of Indie Publishing, Hansen House was a perfect fit. Jonathan first submitted a short story to Hansen House for their Elixir, an lgbtq+ anthology of stories of hope and healing – and was accepted! (Preorder now.) With a working relationshipRead More →

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Hello, Seekers! Sorry we have been away for a while. We hope you are enjoying good health and the advent of warmer temperatures. On the subject of which, spring has arrived in North America! Aside from the usual April showers and May flowers, springtime ushers in a host of activities that were on hold during our long winter sleep. And (fingers crossed!) a light at the end of the tunnel that is the COVID-19 pandemic. In today’s post, J and K will wax philosophical on the things about spring–whether this one specifically or more broadly–that have them atwitter. J Words cannot express the joy IRead More →