Today is the day! Join Kilahym and Ansgar as they perform for their winter holiday, the Day of Laphrim, in our new cozy fantasy short story! Get it free through Kindle Unlimited, or just $.99. Amidst the scent of honeyed nuts and revelers weaving ribbons around a tree, a plot is afoot. When Kilahym’s performance doesn’t go as planned, Ansgar seizes the moment and leads him in pursuit of a legendary creature. Will they find something magical in the forest, or will something find them instead? Step into the world of Etherea before the events of the novel Trials of the Innermost. This fantasy adventureRead More →

Greetings, Seekers! It’s been exactly one month since our debut novel, Trials of the Innermost, was released. We’ve done book launch events in Indiana and Texas that were so much fun. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us. Y’all are amazing and we felt the love. Also, a huge thanks to everyone who bought our book! We are so thrilled to finally share the finished product with you and the world and continue our writing adventure. One month later, here’s what’s coming next for us. So, what’s next? A writer’s work is never truly finished. We have multiple coauthored and solo projectsRead More →

And it’s launched! Trials of the Innermost is finally out in the world! Thank you for your continued support. This newsletter is focused on events. But check out all of the places you can get Trials of the Innermost in print or ebook. If you’ve purchased a copy, take a photo of it out in the world whether that’s with you or not (Kilahym would give you bonus points for snapping a picture of TOTI next to a mushroom) and tag us on social media! We love seeing TOTI getting to live its best life. Book Launch and Signing Success We saw some of youRead More →