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Greetings, Seekers! For those of you who may be newer to our blog, Jonathan and Kristina go by J & K for short. Today, I (J) put fingers to keys to describe my feelings about LGBT+ voices being declared ‘underrepresented’ by the writing and publishing community. K and I have encountered this categorization untold times in our quest toward finding an agent/publisher, and it’s prompted fruitful conversation. Without further ado… Let’s get one critical element out of the way: I identify as a gay male. My coming out experience was, well, an experience. I know the sting of rejection by family and friends and whatRead More →

Writing is a deeply personal endeavor. Authors bring much of themselves to their work, and J and K are no different. Equally personal is a reader’s experience of a story. Everyone leaves with something different. Today, J & K talk about what they hope readers of Trials of the Innermost will take from the story. J My favorite stories spirit me away to places where impossibilities become realities, to realms where my imagination grazes on fields of dreams. And yet, beneath the glittering landscape lies a shining nugget of realization that but awaits my discovery. When I find it, I know myself better. And inRead More →

It’s late at night. You’re scrolling through your social media and you see a quiz. Which literary character should you date? And you think, hmm why not. *click* Well, we don’t need a quiz to tell us who our book crushes are. J: This is surprisingly difficult! Though I am loathe to admit it, I think the old truism of men being visual applies to my struggle. That being said, I have always been enamored of the character that is Drizzt Do’Urden. He’s courageous and bold and shows his feelings. He’s not afraid to stand out. And above all, he’s a loyal friend. A hordeRead More →