Welcome to another Author Highlight, a series where we feature authors like ourselves. You’ll find author interviews, tips, stories, poetry and more. We aim to entertain, promote, and inspire. Other interviews can be found here. Tyler Edwards Joining us in our post today is Tyler Edwards, author of Shadows of the Dark Realm releasing January 31st! Tyler is taking over our blog today with an exciting character interview with his main character, Caelan! J&K both recently finished reading Fourth Wing so we might be on a dragon kick at the moment. And check it out – it’s a dragon book to add to the TBR pile!Read More →

Today is the day! Join Kilahym and Ansgar as they perform for their winter holiday, the Day of Laphrim, in our new cozy fantasy short story! Get it free through Kindle Unlimited, or just $.99. Amidst the scent of honeyed nuts and revelers weaving ribbons around a tree, a plot is afoot. When Kilahym’s performance doesn’t go as planned, Ansgar seizes the moment and leads him in pursuit of a legendary creature. Will they find something magical in the forest, or will something find them instead? Step into the world of Etherea before the events of the novel Trials of the Innermost. This fantasy adventureRead More →