ONE. MONTH. UNTIL. RELEASE! This is not a drill. 30 days until release day! We put together a fun list of 30 things we love about our fantasy and sci-fi fusing novel, Trials of the Innermost. Which doubles as 30 reasons to read it. (Preorder now for goodies like art prints and a map, plus a signed book plate.)  If you like the fusing of fantasy and sci-fi, multiple povs, lgbtq+ characters and romance subplots, and animal companions… add TOTI to your Goodreads TBR pile! Add it to your Goodreads shelf.Read More →

Coauthor Team Kristina Kelly and Jonathan Fuller Launch Debut Novel Fusing Their Favorite Elements of Sci-Fi and Fantasy A family-friendly book launch event and signing for Trials of the Innermost will include music and poetry activities inspired by the novel on June 3rd from 12-2pm at Gal’s Guide Library (the first women’s history lending library) 107 S 8th St, Noblesville, Indiana. Sometimes the longest journey is to discover your true self. In a world that stopped spinning, six young people embark on a quest to preserve peace between their homelands and fulfill a prophecy that says they will save their world from being devoured.  Read More →