Trials of the Innermost

Trials of the Innermost

Authors: Kristina Kelly, Jonathan Fuller
Series: Etherea Cycle, Book 1
Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction

There is a darkness that threatens this world, as it once did long ago.

In the wake of the Great Calamity, the world of Etherea stood divided. Three distinct realms, one forever shadowed, one drenched in light, and one caught in the grey between, battled for supremacy. A fragile peace now exists. To preserve it, two emissaries from each realm are chosen to partake in an epic quest: the Trials of the Innermost.

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In the left hand, knowledge. In the right hand, combat.

The six Truthseekers must learn to look beyond the birthplace of their companions, or risk failure as they face challenges designed to test their deepest fears. Haunted by lies and secrets in their pasts, their struggle to understand each other will take on a new urgency. An ancient threat is about to emerge, capable of unraveling time, light, and even life itself—and only united can they stand against it.

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