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Greetings from J & K! It’s been a little while since our last update, so we’re here to catch you up on the latest in the world of Etherea. We’ve been working hard on revisions to our debut novel, Trials of the Innermost (TOTI), in preparation for its release in May 2023. For those of you new to the fold, TOTI is a science fantasy adventure novel that follows the journey of six young men and women on a quest to preserve the fragile peace between their realms, which is threatened by the shadow of war and the discovery of an alien menace. If youRead More →

You’re sailing on the sea of creativity (creativisea?) when suddenly the sails drop. No more wind to push you forward. And the sun is making you sweat. What do you do to get back on course? Today, J and K talk about how we get inspiration when our creativity is lacking. J I default to exploring the peaks of others’ imaginations when my creativity wanes. Whether that means revisiting a book or film/tv show that I find particularly inspiring or even playing a video game with a great story, it all serves to stoke the embers. Taking a walk in nature helps, too, because fewRead More →

Hey, Seekers! Kristina here. As many of you know, I recently became a mom. My little baby is now about a year and a half old. Time flies! As I write for people like me, I’m betting some of our readers are working parents, too. How does one find the time to write when they have a non-writing day job and a toddler? Between the 8 hours of work, the floor that needs swept, the laundry to hang, the kid to feed, the sink to clean (how long has that ring been there? *gasps in horror*), the 7 hours of sleep you’re supposed to getRead More →