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It’s been just over a week since Taylor Swift dropped the rerecorded version of her 3rd studio album: Speak Now. I (Jonathan) attended my roomie’s listening party and went to a drag celebration of the occasion. I’m not a Swiftie, but you wouldn’t know it from that itinerary. All that exposure has succeeded in warming me up to one of Taylor’s older albums (I generally prefer 1989 and later Tay-Tay). So, what did I think of this jaunt into her back catalog? Read on for my Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) album review. Summary Artist: Taylor Swift Album: Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) Genre: Pop/Country Overall Rating:Read More →

Greetings, Seekers! Today’s post is out of this world (literally). We’re chronicling our favorite sci-fi monsters from all types of media. They range from the genuinely monstrous to probably just misunderstood. Let’s meet these creatures from worlds and galaxies far, far away. Our Favorites The Xenomorph No list of space beasties would be complete without perhaps the most infamous of them all: the xenomorph from the Alien film franchise. It’s at once frightening and intriguing and has become one of the most recognizable creatures in movie history. Curious about its backstory? Check it out here. Ysalamir The ysalamiri are creations of Timothy Zahn from theRead More →

Hello, Seekers! You may have noticed in our last post that J has been working on a solo fantasy novel. There’s still a long way to go before it’s finished, but we wanted to share a little preview of what else will emerge from the world of J & K Writing in the near future. Read on for an exclusive excerpt from Bloodreign! Overview First, let’s set the stage. Bloodreign is an adult fantasy novel that will appeal to fans of Final Fantasy XVI, the Malazan Book of the Fallen, and Dragon Age Inquisition. It is the first installment in a planned series. The storyRead More →