You’ve seen similar posts before. Pit one fictional character against another in an epic imagined duel and decide who would be the victor. J & K have decided to join in the fun. We’ve picked some of our favorite sci-fi and fantasy characters from literature, TV, games, and movies and created the bracket you see below. While a little late for March Madness, we still feel the imagined battles will be epic. We will argue our points in an interview style for your enjoyment. Our first round arguments will be posted soon. In the meantime, here’s the bracket.  Read More →

Everyone has it – some tid bit of knowledge they would like to pass on to help you. However, not all advise is… of the same quality. J & K think back to the best and worst pieces of advise they’ve received about writing. Best Advise J: I default to a (paraphrased) line from the Sister Act 2: “If you wake up in the morning and all you can think about is singing, you’re a singer.” I wake up in the morning and think about writing–and the foodstuffs of writing like far off worlds, spaceships, characters, etc. So, guess I’m a writer. K: For me,Read More →

Musical instruments in video games

J & K are both gamers and we also play musical instruments. In this blog we introduce you to some well known, or maybe not so well known, video games which feature* musical instruments. Have you played these? Let us know some of your favorites that we missed! *The use of the word “feature” here is defined as shown and/or mentioned more than 3 times in a given video game. Games which are rhythm based only are not included (Ex. Not Guitar Hero). Chrono Cross The character Nikki is a rock star of this video game world, so what does he fight with? His electricRead More →