About Us

Kristina Kelly
Kristina graduated with a BA in Psychology, a minor in Music, and a concentration in Computer Science. She was inducted into the honor societies Phi Eta Sigma and Psi Chi. Many of her writings have a fantasy or science fiction theme, and music often finds its way to add a fine arts touch to her characters.

Kristina played golf on her college team and trumpet in the jazz and symphony bands. In her spare time Kristina takes photography, attends conventions (and cosplays), makes various crafts (like jewelry), plays video games (RPGs are her favorite), and hangs out with her husband and dog. Nature plays a strong role in her photography as well as her writing. Her day job involves Technical Writing and Business Analysis.

Jonathan Fuller
Jonathan is the proud owner of a BA in English, and a minor in Spanish. His writing bears the influence of his studies, as well as the legacy of the many science fiction and fantasy authors he reads.

Jonathan played soccer and tennis for many years. He is relatively skilled at the former, and a decided amateur when it comes to the latter. He also plays piano and sings. In his spare (aka not writing) time Jonathan binges on YouTube videos of high performance cars, and classic YouTube personalities like Tyler Oakley and Mamrie Hart. His day job revolves around automotive technology and his passion for cars.

J & K
J & K like to hang out and wear sunglasses.