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Kristina Kelly
Since childhood, writing stories on her mother’s typewriter or trying to catalog her own books like a library, Kristina has been in love with storytelling. She grew up in Indiana and Florida, lands of changing seasons and perpetual sun, respectively, and graduated from Florida Southern College having studied Psychology, Music, and Computer Science. With trumpet as her main instrument, and a connection to nature, Kristina often works music and visual landscapes into her writings.

Having a lockbox stuffed with poetry and a bucket-full of half finished novels, Kristina is proud to share her first SFF series through Hansen House. What spawned out of their mutual love for SFF books, shows, and video games was a joint effort between Kristina and her good friend, Jonathan Fuller, to blend what they love of science fiction and fantasy while representing the kaleidoscope of people and experiences of the real world. The Etherea Cycle is as much of a journey of discovery of herself as it is for the characters.

Kristina currently resides in Indiana with her husband, son, and black lab. In her spare time, Kristina takes photography, attends conventions (and cosplays), makes various crafts, plays video games (RPGs are her favorite), and tends to her flower garden. She loves going on new adventures in the great wide somewhere (sometimes just by picking up a new book).
Jonathan Fuller
Ever since laying his first Lego brick, Jonathan has been fascinated by world-building. This passion grew during his younger years in the Midwest, leading him to study English in college. After graduating, he experienced the usual existential crisis of English majors who don’t want to be teachers, and bounced through several professions including a stint in the military. Throughout this journey he worked closely with his dear friend, Kristina Kelly, on a science fantasy book series that has, after over a decade of labor, finally found a home. The Etherea Cycle represents many things to him, but it is first and foremost a testament to the power of friendship and the beauty of life in all its forms.

An ardent fan of science fiction and fantasy, Jonathan can talk about anime, cars, and RPGs ad infinitem. He is a proud member of the LGBT+ community and currently resides in Texas where he enjoys playing flag football, kickball, and attending all the concerts and festivals he can.
J & K
J & K like to hang out and wear sunglasses. While true, they now live in seperate states and hang out virtually (and share many LOTR memes). They spin story ideas together through text, email, video chat and other forms of modern communication.

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