2023 is drawing to a close, and what a year it was! We achieved and grew so much as authors. Here’s a look at some highlights from J & K’s 2023 wrapped.

Trials of the Innermost Published

A picture of Trials of the Innermost in hardcover and Kindle format with a mountain range in the background

Trials of the Innermost (affectionately known as TOTI) was released in May 2023 from Midnight Meadow Publishing! We are so proud to have it in the world after a nearly decade-long journey, and we had fun getting out on the road to promote it with our first book signing events!

TOTI is available in print and digital format from Midnight Meadow–including a book box with fun goodies–and through most traditional retailers, including Amazon. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media so you don’t miss any news about TOTI’s sequel!

The Lady’s Crownbearer Released

An image of The Lady's Crownbearer cover displayed on a tablet's screen next to a stack of presents wrapped in blue paper. The cover shows two men hiding behind bushes as they observe a golden stag-like creature

Another highlight from our 2023 wrapped is the release of The Lady’s Crownbearer. It’s a cozy winter fantasy short story set in the world of the Etherea Cycle before the events of TOTI. We commissioned some beautiful cover artwork from Svan Dendragon and self-published the story through Amazon. Best of all: you can read it for only $0.99! Or gift it to someone who loves quick fireside reads.

Tavern Tale Under Contract

Image of a medieval tavern window with dark brown shutters. The tavern's exterior walls are white with dark brown wooden beams crossing them.

Our 2023 wrapped includes a huge milestone for Kristina, who found a home for her RPG quest-inspired novella, Tavern Tale (working title)! This sapphic adventure explores a world filled with magic, intelligent reptile folk, and talking trees, all while embodying tropes that gamers and readers alike will adore. And then there’s the main character, Divine’s, problematic ex-girlfriend. Look for Tavern Tale to release in 2024 from Space Wizard.

“E” Published in G&LR

Image of rainbow colors from the Pride flag

Jonathan’s short nonfiction piece, “E“, was published by The Gay & Lesbian Review this year. “E” outlines his experience growing up gay in a religious household and conservative environment, and his journey to self-acceptance. Bring out the tissues before reading this one.

New Logo

You may have noticed the final piece of our 2023 wrapped show up in a few different places. We (mostly Kristina) created a new logo for J & K Writing! For those who don’t know, J & K Writing is the umbrella under which Jonathan & Kristina will share their collaborative and independent writing works. The logo reflects our partnership and individual styles.

Thank You

Everything from our 2023 wrapped brought us joy, but knowing that we did it with the support of our amazing Seekers makes those accomplishments that much more meaningful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for buying our book, attending our events, and all the ways you have supported us. To say this experience is a dream come true is an understatement. We’re hard at work writing the next book in The Etherea Cycle and our respective solo projects, so there’s much more to come. We wish all who observe them happy holidays, and as always, by your compass stay true.

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