Hello, Seekers! I (Jonathan) have been enjoying a respite from work travel and have taken full advantage of it by delving into the latest installment in developer Square Enix’s iconic video game series: Final Fantasy XVI (or FFXVI for short). Known for its beautiful scores, interminable boss battles, and hours upon hours of gameplay, the Final Fantasy franchise can be considered one of the most definitive in gaming history. FFXVI adheres to the formula that made past games successful while fully exploiting the Playstation 5’s (PS5) hardware and graphics capability. Read on for my full review of Final Fantasy XVI. Genre: Action role-playing game (RPG)Read More →

It’s been just over a week since Taylor Swift dropped the rerecorded version of her 3rd studio album: Speak Now. I (Jonathan) attended my roomie’s listening party and went to a drag celebration of the occasion. I’m not a Swiftie, but you wouldn’t know it from that itinerary. All that exposure has succeeded in warming me up to one of Taylor’s older albums (I generally prefer 1989 and later Tay-Tay). So, what did I think of this jaunt into her back catalog? Read on for my Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) album review. Summary Artist: Taylor Swift Album: Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) Genre: Pop/Country Overall Rating:Read More →