Welcome to this Author Highlight, a series where we feature authors like ourselves. You’ll find author interviews, tips, stories, poetry, and more. We aim to entertain, promote, and inspire. Other interviews can be found here. Renee Lake Joining us in time for spooky season is fellow Dragon Age and Mass Effect fan and author Renee Lake with her new novel, The Infested. Renee Lake is a bisexual Puerto Rican mother of 4. Renee is a writer, bat lover and a reproductive rights activist. When not at work, struggling through writer’s block or dealing with her adorable monsters, you can find her trying to keep her anxietyRead More →

Hello, Seekers! October brings crisp leaves, apple cider, and of course, spooktacular decorations. It’s one of the best months of the year, so we wanted to share some of our fall favorites. Favorite Halloween Symbol J: Has to be the classic jack o’ lantern. That wicked grin always gives me a thrill. K: I also love the carved pumpkin, as well as twisted trees and ravens. Favorite Monsters/Creatures J: I’m a sucker for vampires (pun very much intended). The craving for blood aside, who doesn’t want to be immortal? And as a ginger, I already share their aversion to sunlight. K: Vampires and skeletons. They’reRead More →