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Science fiction is a criminally underappreciated genre among today’s readers. Few people realize that Apple TV+’s glittering Foundation saga is based on the eponymous book series by Isaac Asimov. Fewer still have even read those books. This is disheartening given how much Asimov and other sci-fi writers like him contributed to pop culture. All right, the soap box moment is over. I’m here to remind everyone that science fiction has been pushing boundaries and quite literally broadening horizons for decades in ways that other genres (*cough* fantasy *cough*) have only tentatively embraced. Intrigued? Read on for a list of J’s favorite sci-fi reads. The IllustratedRead More →

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Hello, Seekers! Recently we made a TikTok filter to help you find books to quench your thirst for lgbtq+ romance. We know that not everyone uses the clock app or wants to record the filter over and over, so here’s the full list for your reading pleasure. You’ll find everything from sci-fi to fantasy and all kinds of romantic pairings. Check them out and let us know if you’ve read or enjoyed any of these! Which book will quench my thirst? Shoot the Moon by Isa Arsén – Annie Fisk lands an administrative job at NASA that leads to unexpected opportunities for advancement–and love. ButRead More →

Greetings, Seekers! Today’s post is out of this world (literally). We’re chronicling our favorite sci-fi monsters from all types of media. They range from the genuinely monstrous to probably just misunderstood. Let’s meet these creatures from worlds and galaxies far, far away. Our Favorites The Xenomorph No list of space beasties would be complete without perhaps the most infamous of them all: the xenomorph from the Alien film franchise. It’s at once frightening and intriguing and has become one of the most recognizable creatures in movie history. Curious about its backstory? Check it out here. Ysalamir The ysalamiri are creations of Timothy Zahn from theRead More →