It is fairly evident that J&K enjoy most things geeky: sci-fi, fantasy, movies and shows in those genres, and video games to name a few. But we have some interests we think you’d never guess. J If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a few hints about my hidden interest. I have been a huge automotive enthusiast from a very young age. Any time I’d fly somewhere, I’d stop at the magazine shop in the airport (remember when people read magazines?) and grab the latest copy of Car & Driver, Road & Track, or Motor Trend. I had a Hot Wheels andRead More →

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All of us have those things that everyone seems to love…except us. In today’s post, J and K talk about the popular things that they dislike, loathe, or just haven’t come around to. J I’ll just put it out there: I don’t like Game of Thrones. And before you say anything, yes, I have watched beyond the first season, but for me it didn’t get much better. Given the fandom’s reaction to the ending, I’m rather glad I didn’t stick with the show. The books the series is based on are better. It’s unfortunate the show didn’t do them justice. Going in a completely differentRead More →

The first day of fall was last week. And, if you are in the northern hemisphere, you might be seeing signs that autumn is already here. Today, J and K talk about a few of their favorite (fall) things (earworm. you’re welcome). J I don’t experience the seasonal change in quite the same way here in Southern California, so I find myself nostalgic for that first morning when I’d walk outside and the coolness in the air stealing into my lungs would announce that autumn is here. Frost-limned grasses would glint in the sunrise as it dispelled a curtain of mist. And the leaves wouldRead More →