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Hello, Seekers! Sorry we have been away for a while. We hope you are enjoying good health and the advent of warmer temperatures. On the subject of which, spring has arrived in North America! Aside from the usual April showers and May flowers, springtime ushers in a host of activities that were on hold during our long winter sleep. And (fingers crossed!) a light at the end of the tunnel that is the COVID-19 pandemic. In today’s post, J and K will wax philosophical on the things about spring–whether this one specifically or more broadly–that have them atwitter. J Words cannot express the joy IRead More →

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Happy Tuesday, Seekers! J & K are back with another iteration of Tunesday, in which we tell you about some of our favorite bops of the moment. Crank up the volume and take a listen. J “Lucid,” by Rina Sawayama — It’s no longer brand new, but “Lucid” by Rina Sawayama is such a bright, bouncy gem of a song. I can’t help but smile and sing along to the effortlessly catchy hook. And, it has just the right amount of instrumental dance breaks for me to really cut loose in the car, shower, or wherever it happens to be playing. This song will makeRead More →

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Some people dream of Arabian horses, supercars, or mega yachts as their perfect conveyance, but J & K would rather travel at lightspeed. Today, we dive into our favorite fictional spaceships to ply the star-lanes. J At the top of my list of favorite spaceships will always be Darth Vader’s iconic Super Star Destroyer: Executor. It, and its smaller siblings, carry their simple wedge shape with power and grace. The pointed prow bespeaks motion even when still. And Executor is a behemoth that defies imagining, at a staggering 19,000 meters long (over 11 miles, for those not on the metric system). Darth Vader couldn’t haveRead More →