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Tyler Edwards

Joining us in our post today is Tyler Edwards, author of Shadows of the Dark Realm releasing January 31st! Tyler is taking over our blog today with an exciting character interview with his main character, Caelan! J&K both recently finished reading Fourth Wing so we might be on a dragon kick at the moment. And check it out – it’s a dragon book to add to the TBR pile!

About the fantasy book, Shadows of the Dark Realm

Worlds like kingdoms rise and fall. Some fade into decay. Others are brought to ruin. 

When the elder dragon Draka Mors steals the Darkstone from the peaceful kingdom of Parisia, the entire realm is threatened. 

A group of unlikely heroes must cross hostile lands, survive enemy armies, and unspeakable monsters.

To save the realm the seekers must steal back the stone before time runs out. To do so, they first have to survive each other. 

Character Interview with Caelan

Welcome folks, step right up, one and all! We have a very special show for you today. We are joined by one of the Seekers, Caelan Swift. That’s right, the former fugitive turned hero of the realm.

Hello Caelan, it’s a pleasure to have you here with us.

Yes, it is.

You mean it’s a pleasure to be here?


Ok. Moving right along. You were a part of a team of seekers who were sent out to retrieve the Darkstone, what was that like?

Well, when the king of Parisia personally begs you to lead a team because there is no one he trusts more to save the world than you, it’s hard to say no.

But, isn’t it true you weren’t part of the original team?

Well, technically no, but they didn’t have a chance without me.

Why is that?

I’m a thief. They needed to steal the Darkstone. You think Vale was going to crawl through a dragon layer to steal it? Please.

I’m glad you brought up Vale, as you know he had quite the reputation. What’s it like working with the most famous and disgraced knight in the realm?

Kind of like hugging a bear, if the bear’s fur was made of needles and he was trying to maul you the whole time.

I heard on your quest you forged some alliances, tell us about that?

Well, when you have armies and monsters chasing you all the time, it helps to have friends. We had a couple from Rag’amor, a troll, a dragon knight, and this really obsessive guy in an orange cloak who was really into wishes.

Well, that’s interesting. What would you say is the reason for your-

Let me stop you right there, I know what you’re going to ask. I can’t tell you.

Why not?

I don’t believe in spoilers.  

Connect With Tyler

Tyler has loved writing and storytelling since he was old enough to scribble ideas down on a notepad in class. Whether it is crafting ideas on the world, sharing thoughts, or imagining other worlds entirely, Tyler is passionate about the power of words and how stories can impact lives. He also loves consuming stories in all various mediums of their creation. Visit him at https://authortyleredwards.wordpress.com/.

Also available from Tyler: 

Genre: Dystopian

Thanks, Tyler, for taking over the blog today! Readers: What would you do if you had to steal something to save the world? We also love that there are seekers mentioned in the book’s blurb as we have seekers in Trials of the Innermost! Love finding connections with other books.

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