As the election goes on, and on, and on like Celine Dion’s greatest hit, we are alleviating our anxiety by balancing doom-scrolling with pure silliness. If you follow K on Twitter, you saw a fun Star Trek-themed example of this yesterday. Today’s post will continue in this vein by telling you about the Disney characters who we think best personify us.

J While I don’t consider myself evil by any means, I very much relate to Maleficent’s desire to protect that which she holds dear (I’m basing this on the more modern interpretation of the character). And I can be perfectly wicked when I’m wronged by someone in a romantic relationship. Not to the point of cursing them to sleep for all eternity, but the green dragon fire of my anger blazes hot and bright. Maleficent also knows how it feels to come from a place of being so different that acceptance is a struggle. I’ve always found it challenging to carve out my little niche in social settings, so again, highly relatable.

Oh Dear! What An Awkward Situation Quote By Angelina Jolie In Disney's  Maleficent
Angelina Jolie as Maleficent

Another character who strikes a chord with me is Milo Thatch from Atlantis: The Lost Empire (an altogether underrated and underappreciated Disney film). Milo has the heart of an explorer and the mind of a dreamer, both of which manifest strongly in me. And you’d better believe that if Atlantis was real, I’d be living there. I also share Milo’s deep loyalty to his friends and his willingness to trust, which sometimes gets both of us into trouble. And Milo’s adorable in a dorky/geeky way, which is very on brand for me.

Community Post: Which Male Disney Character Are You? | Disney characters  costumes, Male disney characters, Milo disney
Milo Thatch

K Well, I took the official Disney quiz for fun and it told me I was Simba, because I’m the main event and I also stand up for what’s right. While the second half is true, I certainly don’t think I am nor do I feel comfortable being the “main event”. I’d much rather slip out of the palace poorly disguised as a common person. Then I went down the white rabbit’s hole and found a list of Disney characters based on their Personality Types.

Pause for context. I am a INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging) and I agree with that assessment. This equates me to the likes of Galadriel in Lord of the Ring (J, check it out! You did right over on this other blog post 🙂 ), Desmond Hume from Lost, and Aragorn from LOTR. Aragorn is labeled as a Kingly Servant, he’s introverted and empathetic, he cares for creatures great and small, and he believes in justice and fairness, though he struggles with his fear of succumbing to human weakness.

So, what character did I find that aligns with INFJ? That link above tells me, Pocahontas. While I don’t disagree that she’s an INFJ (she’d much rather hang out with the creature of the forest, is a champion for change, and cares for basically everything) I’ve always identified with Belle. So here’s why I think Belle fits with me and INFJ.

While Belle sings about wanting adventure in the “great wide somewhere”, she doesn’t really go that far, does she? She goes to the equivalent of the next town. She was brave and set off after her father but was happy to settle down for an upgrade in digs and a giant library (I mean true love). Like Belle, I do like some adventure and I like to travel at times, but I’m also just as happy to open the pages of a book to get transported to places with daring sword fights.

The townsfolk call her a little strange or odd, and she’s always reading. This is pretty much me. She’s disgusted with Gaston’s sexist and primeval views (me!). She displays a lot of empathy in the castle scenes, with the inhabitants as wells as patience with Beast, and she works to help them and in Beast’s case to make him better. I’m always looking for how I can help or how to solve things. And like Belle, I have strong beliefs about the way people should be treated, and a strong connection to family.

That’s it for us! Who are the Disney characters that personify you? Tell us in the comments, and have a great weekend, Seekers!

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