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It’s Friday the 13th, and in 2020 who knows what that means. Will an asteroid wipe us out? Will kaiju emerge from beneath the Earth’s crust and begin destroying our civilization? Hopefully none of the above, but here’s how we feel about this most infamous of dates.

J There are a number of theories surrounding how Friday the 13th came to be considered an unlucky day, but it’s a predominantly Western superstition. Elsewhere in the world Tuesday the 13th is the spooky date, or Friday the 17th. Regardless of its origins or the exact date on the calendar, superstition based on numbers is part of virtually every culture around the world, something that I find fascinating. That being said, I think we make our own luck. So, an unlucky day is probably the byproduct of our own mindset. Manifest the reality you want!

K I consider myself kind of a contrarian. If something is popular, I’m more than likely to avoid it or distrust it. Which has lead to me watching shows and playing games well after my friends have. Which might be why I like Friday the 13th when everyone else finds it unlucky. 13 is one of my favorite numbers and has been since I was young. I used to watch scary or suspenseful movies any time a Friday the 13th came around. Mostly Hitchcock films, but I also saw The Exorcist the first time on this most special of days. My parents eventually understood it and would wish me a happy Friday the 13th. I also don’t believe in the superstition around it. I think it is far more likely that people choose that day (because of it’s stigma) to do something bad, that people are more attuned to watching for weird things because it is that day, and other perfectly normal psychological factors. So far the number 13 has done me no harm. Now, which movie do I watch today?

Are you doing anything to ‘observe’ Friday the 13th? How do you feel about this unlucky day? Tell us in the comments!

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