That title almost sounds like the title of a dystopian novel.

J The last four years have cast a pall on America. Our nation’s deepest flaws–systemic racism, the conflation of church and state, rampant economic inequality–threaten to undermine the virtue which we have long touted as our cardinal: freedom. We are all bound by the chains we choose, and America has chosen, for four years, to be a prisoner to rich, old, white men.

The tragic irony in this is that it looks little different from 1776. It’s been nearly 300 years since we declared our independence, but the halls of power are still dominated by the same demographic, the same quasi-religious beliefs. Neither Republicans nor Democrats in office have shown much desire to change that status quo, because they’re all still benefitting from it. And we, the plebeian masses, are the machine that sows the profits they reap.

The American people have surrendered their power to the juggernaut that is capitalism. Many Americans, when asked what the most important issue is to them when voting, will answer with ‘the economy.’ When they do, they reveal themselves to be trapped in the oh-so-American mindset, wherein human worth is determined by net worth.

That is the trap I want America to escape. While I don’t find Joe Biden to be a particularly compelling candidate, his platform is closer to achieving what I desire. President Trump, for all his swagger, is in thrall to the Republican party. At present, that party is ruled by a coterie of wealthy, old white men. I do not want to see America dashed upon the rocks of their openly self-serving interests for another four years. So, I am voting for Joe Biden, not because of him, but because the ideals he represents are our best hope for a brighter future.

K No candidate is perfect, and no candidate should have a near-religious following. And to echo Jonathan’s sentiments, I choose to hope for a brighter future. I voted for:

  • Believing in science and medical professionals
  • Not lying to the public about a pandemic
  • Believing in climate change (and doing something about it)
  • Empowering women
  • Compassion
  • Affordable healthcare
  • A nation of immigrants
  • A cabinet that looks like the country they serve
  • My LGBTQ+ friends’ rights

I voted for Biden

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