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Hello, Seekers! We hope you are all staying safe. In the midst of uncertainty, we all tend to fall back on certain characteristics, personality traits, and patterns, many of which are described by the astrological signs. Whether you put stock in them or not, their accuracy can be uncanny. Today, we’re talking about our own signs and how well we identify with them. Break out those horoscopes!

J Capricorn, the Sea-Goat, is my sun sign, and I identify strongly with its archetypal characteristics. If you’re unfamiliar with the tragic backstory of Pricus, the creature that became the astrological symbol for Caps, he was the parent to a race of intelligent sea-goats who lost their ability to speak and think when they became land-dwellers. The Titan Chronos took pity on Pricus’s sadness and gave him a home among the stars, from which he could forever watch over all his children. With such a melancholy tale in our mythos, it’s no wonder that Caps are traditionally viewed as aloof, distant, and lonely. In reality, Capricorns (myself included) are very sensitive beneath their reserved exterior. This is balanced by a pragmatic understanding and acceptance of life and its vagaries, which often emerges in the form of dark humor. If you manage to win a Capricorn’s trust, treasure it and above all do not abuse or betray it. The cold fury of a wronged sea-goat is something to be feared.

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Pricus, the OG Sea-Goat

K Pisces, the fish, is my sun sign. I only recently learned of the story scholars think is behind the symbol which is Aphrodite and her son Eros escaping the monster of all monsters, Typhon, by changing into fish and leaping into the sea. Water is definitely my element. If I had magic it would be of the water type; even if it was restorative magic I’d manifest it as water. It seems, because of the Greek myth, it is the nature of Pisces to be clever and change, adapt, to get through a difficult situation (i.e. changing to a fish), and that I can agree with. Other traits you often read about for a Pisces are that they are compassionate, empathetic, artistic, musical, like being alone, are romantic, like swimming, and dislike know-it-alls, cruelty, and being criticized. I certainly enjoy my space as an introvert, I play several instruments, etc. But I also read that they are never judgmental and always forgiving…. to which I say I certainly can hold a grudge and judge (though I try to do better). For a while now I’ve thought of myself as a sort of empath, and I think that aligns with Pisces. But I have a bit of a tumultuous streak from time to time rather than this gentle creature Pisces are supposed to be. On the whole, I agree with my sun sign. Especially when I read they have “a desire to escape reality”. I write those escapes, too!

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At the risk of sounding tawdry…what’s your sign? Do you feel it accurately describes you? Tell us in the comments, and have a great week!

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