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It’s almost that time of year. Are you craving cozy winter stories? We have a surprise for you! For those who have purchased Trials of the Innermost, we want to send you a free advanced reader copy (ARC) of our new short story, The Lady’s Crownbearer.

Fill out the form at the link below, showing proof of purchase of Trials of the Innermost (such as a picture of your physical copy, kindle receipt, etc.) and we’ll send you a copy of the short story before it’s available on December 1st to the public! Read on for the story’s description. (Cover art coming soon!)

Glowing yellow letter on a snowy light blue background. Being tied up in the forest was not on their Day of Laphrim holiday wish list.

It’s like Christmas and May Day fused together in this cozy fantasy adventure short story.

As the finishing winds blow and the weather turns colder, Kilahym the bard arrives at his hometown to perform for the Day of Laphrim celebration. His friend and peer, Ansgar, is there to make sure everything goes according to plan—but Ansgar has a nose for trouble.

Amidst the scent of honeyed nuts and revelers weaving ribbons around a tree, a plot is afoot. When Kilahym’s performance doesn’t go as planned, Ansgar seizes the moment and leads him in pursuit of a legendary creature. Will they find something magical in the forest, or will something find them instead?

Step into the world of Etherea in a winter holiday short story set before the events of the novel Trials of the Innermost. Readers of the Etherea Cycle will see the character Kilahym before he was chosen for the Trials, and the loveable rogue Ansgar.

This fantasy adventure is packed with sass, charm, and magic. If you enjoy Legends and Lattes and the winter holiday vibes in The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe, then this story is for you!

Watch our socials for the official release, including the finished cover art. We’d love it if you’d share the news when we announce!

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