ethnic mother and daughter preparing christmas present

If you’re lucky enough to have a writer in your life, then you might be considering what to get them as a seasonal gift. Whether it’s through an office gift exchange, on the basis of friendship, or otherwise, here are J & K’s must haves for writers. J Note-taking is an essential part of being a writer. Inspiration may strike anytime, anywhere, making the ability to capture ideas quickly of the utmost importance. I’ve taken to using voice dictation on my phone to accomplish this, but for the traditionalists there’s no beating the classic Moleskine notebook. It’s the perfect size to fit in a pocketRead More →

‘Tis the season for a number of things in the Western Hemisphere: vaccines, political controversy, and oh, yes, major holidays. Against a backdrop of such turmoil, there are certain films that always air in the month of December that bring a comforting dose of nostalgia and holiday cheer. Some of them, though, are pretenders! Today, J & K identify ‘Christmas’ movies that are anything but. J Can someone please explain to me how it is that Die Hard wound up being a tradition for people to watch around the holidays? I just don’t get it. There’s nothing remotely festive about it. Quite the opposite, inRead More →

burning pink candle against gray background

K sent an Etsy link to J the other day of a candle inspired by one of her favorite video game characters. Then they got to thinking…what would a character smell like based on the various descriptions or things we know about them? And then this happened. Behold! Candles designed by J&K. J My natural inclination is to design a candle that smells how I want this character to smell, but I’ll curb my selfish tendencies. I’m choosing Dorian from Dragon Age Inquisition. The sardonic Tevinter mage uses words as weapons and carries himself with the grace and poise of a born aristocrat. He’s noRead More →