We all have our favorite places to sit down and read a good book. Maybe they are already perfect, with blankets and pillows at the ready. Or maybe we have a dream reading nook that we’ve always wanted. Cozy and quiet, a certain atmosphere – let’s talk book nooks!

J Location, location, location…it’s not just a rule of thumb for real estate. The best reading spots have views. Whether it’s overlooking a swathe of sparkling ocean or the boughs of a stout oak tree, a proper book nook offers visuals that feed the imagination.

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My perfect book nook also includes ready access to a cozy mug of my preferred hot beverage. Tea, coffee, cocoa, or perhaps even a glass of wine to warm me, just like a good book gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling.

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K I’m still working on my perfect reading spot. I now have a chaise lounge, but that’s about it. I have multiple bookcases but they just aren’t right yet. I’m looking for that floor to ceiling built-in look with a ladder on wheels. Though, I guess that’s more of the book storage than the sitting and reading place.

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I’ve always liked the classic window seat. But since I’m not talented in the ways of carpentry, I won’t be building a seat with surrounding shelves. Instead, I’ve got my chaise lounge in front of the window. It’s a start. But something like this (though not white because headaches).

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Then a close runner up is something akin to a cottage garden or tea room reading area. I do like reading outdoors in nature. I love flowers and gardening, so why not pair that with my love of reading? Though, I’d be afraid of spilling tea on my beloved pages.

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Tell us about your favorite places to curl up with a book!

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