There’s a chill in the air, and it’s not just the wind beneath bat wings…Halloween approaches, and J & K are here to share some of their favorite parts of this spooktacular season!

Jack Skellington


  1. Movies – Hocus Pocus. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Harry Potter marathons. Need I say more?
  2. PSL – I can’t resist these delicious Starbucks concoctions. And now there’s pumpkin spice whip for extra basic goodness.
  3. Jack o’lanterns – Flickering lights behind facades of fright always give me a chill!
  4. Corn mazes – Preferably haunted, labyrinthine, and with only moonlight to show you the way.


  1. Movies – I rotate through the years but I almost always watch Constantine, Sweeney Todd, Young Frankenstein, and Nightmare Before Christmas. I also throw  in a Resident Evil and Underworld movie but those are good all year.
  2. Apple orchards! When October hits I know I need to get me some delicious apples, apple pie, and apple cider. The sooner I go the better, because the orchard gets packed closer to Halloween as family’s raid the pumpkin patches.
  3. Cosplay – little did I know as a child that dressing up for Halloween would actually become cosplay. Being able to cosplay at work? The. Best.
  4. Half priced stuff! Where am I the day after Halloween? Local grocery or pharmacy, grabbing those half priced chocolate bags and discounted decorations for next year.
  5. Music – same as movies. The rest of the year I can’t really listen to: Calling All the Monsters, Monster Mash, Psycho Theme, Sweeney Todd.

Thank you for reading Seekers! We would love to hear about your favorite Halloween frights and traditions in the comments. And as always, by your compass stay truuuuuueeeeee! *said in classic Scooby Doo floating sheet ghost voice*

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