Awesome geek gifts

Just because the official Holiday shopping period has ended doesn’t mean the gift-giving should end. Why, geeky gifts should be given year round! And Valentine’ Day is right around the corner ❤️.

Here are some of our favorite gifts we’ve seen lately for those who love geeky stuff. What are some of your favorite geek gifts (given or received)?

Awesome geek gifts

Star Wars Socks from Think Geek

Star Wars 40th Anniversary 5-pack Ladies' Socks
Let your feet show your love of Star Wars. Functional and stylish with a dash of geekery.


Collector’s Edition books, like this Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy from Barnes & Noble

For the reader who also likes to display their prized books. J & K have several such editions in bonded leather of their favorite novels.


Funko Pop! Stranger Things Figure

Pop! TV: Stranger Things - Eleven With Eggos
Eleven with eggos can decorate your work desk, or home bookshelf.

Cloth Map of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim from The Bethesda Store

Hang on your wall and show everyone where you’ve spent many hours killing dragons.


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