Gasp! Our last entry was about Halloween? We have good excuses, we promise.


Of course, the majority of those are about our craft – about writing.

Working on the first draft of book 2 in the Etherea Cycle! (We love to read books in a series, so of course we are writing a series!)


Searching for publication. Querying agents, researching more agents, rewriting query letters, querying agents again. The cycle goes on.


And of course we are fairly active on our social media. If you aren’t following us on Twitter….

In other news:

  • K went to Hawaii this Spring
  • Dragon Con is coming up, which K will be attending
  • We are reading various books (we both recently read Revenger by Alastair Reynolds)
  • We both played Final Fantasy XV (only J finished it so far)

Stay tuned for more lengthy blog posts. And as always, by your compass stay true!


Thanksgiving 2017
Editing Complete!

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