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Greetings from J & K! It’s been a little while since our last update, so we’re here to catch you up on the latest in the world of Etherea. We’ve been working hard on revisions to our debut novel, Trials of the Innermost (TOTI), in preparation for its release in May 2023. For those of you new to the fold, TOTI is a science fantasy adventure novel that follows the journey of six young men and women on a quest to preserve the fragile peace between their realms, which is threatened by the shadow of war and the discovery of an alien menace. If you haven’t pre-ordered TOTI yet, you can do so through our publisher, Hansen House, by clicking here. We’re also thrilled to announce that we’ll be revealing our cover soon! Stay tuned for that and an accompanying excerpt from the story.

In other news, we’ve embraced the clock app wholeheartedly. Find us on TikTok under our usual handle, @jandkwriting. Give us a follow and enjoy a smorgasbord of content ranging from what’s trendy to writing tips. We’ve also had the pleasure of appearing on a couple of podcasts! J recorded an episode of Wordcrash that involved a hilarious portmanteau. If you haven’t checked Wordcrash out, we definitely recommend giving it a listen. In the host’s own words, it’s a creative writing podcast masquerading as a game show. J and K also had the pleasure of doing an interview with the Mr. Mike podcast, a Canadian variety podcast that dives into a wide variety of topics in a serious but also silly manner. Check it out here.

That’s it for now! We’ll be doing biweekly updates via our blog going forward in addition to our frequent posts on Twitter and TikTok. Thank you for supporting and sticking with us through this incredible journey. And as always, by your compass stay true.

Character Aesthetic Mood Boards for TOTI
The Remembered - Short Story by J

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