Mood boards for books are really popular on social media right now. With pictures saying a thousand words, mood boards are a way to convey a feeling of the characters, plot, setting, and themes within your book. We’ve curated a Pinterest board for each of our characters. Tell us in the comments who’s board you like best!

(we also made a video for each!)

Kharnek –  Our classically-brooding, secret-keeping, sword-wielding, shadow-stepping, faster than should be possible, gay warrior. Kharnek’s Aesthetic Video

Zinvar – Our gay, feminist-in-fantasy, tragic-backstory, environmentally-conscious, thinks-soldiers-are-sexy, having-a-crisis-of faith priest. Zinvar’s Aesthetic Video

Kilahym – Our plant fanatic, fast talking, dulcimer plucking, ocarina playing, toxic family escaping, accidental magic making bard. Kilahym’s Aesthetic Video

Vayriel – Our mountain dwelling, nature magic-wielding, life protecting, has a wolf-like companion, Highblood. Vayriel’s Aesthetic Video

Idrilia – our dagger-wielding, truth-seeking, no nonsense, likes to blow things up with crystals, blue-haired bisexual. Idrilia’s Aesthetic Video

Kalis – Our sword-wielding, ankylosaur-like creature riding, steadfast and selfless stickler of rules, often swayed by his best friend Idrilia to break them, has difficulties conveying his feelings guardian in training. Kalis’s Aesthetic Video.

Which character’s aesthetic appeals to you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Big things coming for this series!!!

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