Recently on my own blog, I posted about Gifts for Writers: 10 Ideas That Aren’t Notebooks, but sometimes there are gorgeous notebooks, and notebooks that add unique value, that you just can’t pass up. Here are four notebook ideas as gifts for authors. (Post by K) A Leather Journal There’s something about a leather-bound notebook with rustic paper. It feels like you’ve stepped back in time, or in another land ready to fight dragons. Particularly for fantasy, steampunk, historical fiction or poetry writers, I suggest one like this as a gift for an author in your life. I’ve been saving mine to write a journalRead More →

Now that our cover for Trials of the Innermost has been revealed (missed the newsletter? sign up here so you don’t miss important news!), we’ve received a few questions about purchasing and supporting us. This post is to help answer some questions you might have. Purchasing Where can I purchase TOTI? Right now you can preorder at our publisher, Hansen House. Closer to release, it will be available on most online retailers including Amazon. What formats will be available? Ebook, paperback, and hardback! Where should I buy to support you the best? A sale is a sale! But if you’re interested in extra goodies, preordersRead More →

opened white and red gift box

Hello, Seekers! After many months, we are ecstatic to announce that our cover reveal will take place on Monday, October 17th, on the Armed with a Book blog. Venture over yonder to check out our cover on Monday, and while you’re there, explore the great reviews and other content from our reveal hosts. We know some of you may also be curious about where things stand in our journey to publication. The cover reveal is a major external milestone in that process, but we’ve been quite busy behind the scenes! We made some major changes to the content of Trials of the Innermost (TOTI) thatRead More →