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Renee Lake

Joining us in time for spooky season is fellow Dragon Age and Mass Effect fan and author Renee Lake with her new novel, The Infested.

Renee Lake is a bisexual Puerto Rican mother of 4. Renee is a writer, bat lover and a reproductive rights activist. When not at work, struggling through writer’s block or dealing with her adorable monsters, you can find her trying to keep her anxiety at bay. She does this by either roaming the wilds of Thedas, shopping on the Citadel or with her nose in whatever book she is currently fascinated with.

About The Infested.

In the year 1900, a section of the Mid-Western United States, known as The Infested, is overrun with ghosts and monsters. Despite the evil that lurks just outside their door, Desdemona and her family live in The Infested. Their home is a haven for those that make the treacherous journey from east to west.

While magic keeps them safe, Desdemona has always felt indescribably drawn to the Infested. A dangerous compulsion when her mother dies and her father is late leading the wagon train from the East. When a shadow creature appears on their land, and mysterious, alluring visitors arrive, Desdemona is forced to do something she never wanted: lead her family.

Desdemona and her siblings must band together to save themselves and their home. If they can’t escape the darkness and overcome the tension that has grown between them, their father may very well return to nothing but a graveyard.

Sapphic, Bi and Trans Rep

Author Interview with Renee Lake

Thank you for appearing on our blog. Tells us about your latest release, The Infested.

A: It is a New Adult Horror novel that takes place in an alternate universe American Frontier, 1900’s.  It’s like Little House on the Prairie meets a haunted house book.

Q: What do you think readers will love about your main character, Desdemona? 

A: She is relatable! She’s plus size, has anxiety and is insecure, but grows more confident as the plot progresses.

Q: How would you describe your book’s ideal reader?

A: Anyone who loves horror but doesn’t like body horror or to be truly terrified. People that enjoy the spooky vibes and Halloween is their favorite holiday.

Q: If your book were made into a movie, which actors would play your characters?

A: Oh I have no idea. I don’t think I could pick. I don’t know if my book would make a good movie, honestly.

Q: What part of the book did you have the most fun writing?

A: The scene at Woe Lake. It’s a lake surrounded by willow trees that was created by the tears of a dying Bonemaiden. 

Q: What piece of advice would you give to unpublished writers?

A: Just keep at it, keep writing, and keep writing what you love.

Q: What has it been like to work with a niche publisher?

A: Pretty good actually, this is my third time publishing with a small press and so far Hansen House has been great. They do a lot of promotion and seem to care about me and my work.

Thanks for joining us for another author interview!

Connect with Renee at her website and social media links below. And don’t forget to get your copy of The Infested!

Readers: This definitely gives off Wynonna Earp vibes. What’s your favorite alternate history movie, book, video game, or show?

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