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All of us have those things that everyone seems to love…except us. In today’s post, J and K talk about the popular things that they dislike, loathe, or just haven’t come around to.

J I’ll just put it out there: I don’t like Game of Thrones. And before you say anything, yes, I have watched beyond the first season, but for me it didn’t get much better. Given the fandom’s reaction to the ending, I’m rather glad I didn’t stick with the show. The books the series is based on are better. It’s unfortunate the show didn’t do them justice.

Going in a completely different direction, let’s talk about monkeys. I find monkeys to be vile, frightening, and altogether unpleasant. They fling their own feces at intruders! Never mind their horrid teeth and wrinkled, impish faces! Yet we persist in dedicating toys, exhibits, and documentaries to these eerily human-like creatures. By no means do I want any harm to come to monkeys, but please, keep them far away from me.

K I don’t get TikTok. I keep seeing these ads (well before, you know, this whole overreaching of the government into banning communication. But that’s a different topic for another day) that showed people bouncing ping pong balls off of walls or into cups. Does my browsing history really look like I’d want to waste my work breaks watching teenagers doing dumb things only they think are funny? What, is this MTV now? Anyway, I just don’t get why I need yet another app/service for videos. What does it offer that I can’t get from places like YouTube, Instagram, etc? I thought I liked watching interesting things like areal views of volcanoes but *deletes browsing history to avoid ping pong ads*

I don’t know who needs to hear this but NOBODY NEEDS TO HEAR WHAT COMES NEXT. Call me a crotchety old lady but stop already with starting your social media posts with this worn out phrase. If you want to tell people who wear socks with sandals to not wear socks with sandals, just tell them already. Geez. Now, stay off my lawn.

There you have it. How do you feel about our list? What are the popular things you haven’t gotten on board with? Tell us in the comments, and happy Friday!

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