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Hello, Seekers! If we have any Harto fans among you, then you’ll recognize the title of today’s post. J and K, alas, will not be creating original lyrics to royalty-free music. Instead, we’re going to talk about some of the songs and artists that are making our socks go up and down right now!

J I generally love anything by Illennium and his latest track “Nightlight” is no exception. It is pure ear candy, with a melancholic opening that crescendos into a roaring plea for a guiding light. Gorgeous string samples overlay an electronic riff that mimics the distorted wail of an electric guitar. In short, a symphony of my favorite sounds. I cannot wait to hear this live at a festival.

In a similar vein, the song “Reverie” by Above & Beyond featuring Zoe Johnston has been in my regular rotation ever since the club mix started circulating on the radio. It’s achingly beautiful, suffused with the pain of loss but also the recognition that the past lives on inside us. The opening line is so powerful, as the singer reminisces: “You used to bring the smell of rain into my bed / and lie so close to me you could be inside my head.” Might want to have a box of tissues handy when you listen.

K While J focuses on specific songs, I’ll give you two debut albums! I like finding artists before they get famous. First up is Hannah Harris with her traditional Irish fiddle album Tea for Tunes. I love tea, I love Irish music, and Hannah’s violin and voice truly transports me to another time and place. I find the tracks both calming and energizing, which is perfect to keep me grounded when 2020 feels like everything is going to Hades in a handbag. It also just seems to really fit autumn right now and helps my creativity.

My second pick comes from UK band Memories of Old. Plus one for awesome band name. Their power metal album, The Zeramin Game, is part symphony, part epic guitar, part video game soundtrack. The vocals are well executed in telling this story which goes from the first to the last track, full of adventure and even some pirates. You all know I enjoy a good story!

You’ve seen our picks, now tell us yours! We’d love to hear about the music that’s inspiring you, making you dance, or just helping you get through life. Drop your faves in the comments below. Until next time!

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