K saw a challenge on twitter which was something like “share three fictional characters which help illustrate who you are”. And we decided to flip it. Today, J and K share characters we think represent each other.

J My first choice is an easy one because Kristina (K) already self-identifies with her: Kara Thrace, aka ‘Starbuck’ from Battlestar Galactica. She’s a total badass with an irreverent sense of humor and fiercely loyal to those she cares about. I equate all of these traits with Kristina. Starbuck also isn’t afraid to show her feelings one way or another. This is also true of Kristina, and that transparency has been invaluable in our writing ventures.

Kara "Starbuck" Thrace from Battlestar Galactica | CharacTour
Kara Thrace, aka ‘Starbuck’

Character number two comes from the Forgotten Realms. She’s Drizzt’s stalwart companion with a seemingly endless reservoir of encouragement, the legendary Catti-brie. Aside from her optimism and sense of wonder, Kristina shares Catti-brie’s willingness to look beyond the way things first appear and follow her heart. This intuition guides them both to follow their own path on life’s adventures, regardless of what anyone else might think. Catti-brie also wields a magical bow and healing powers, which in my mind would be Kristina’s abilities if we found ourselves in a fantasy setting.

Drizzt & Catti-brie vs. Legolas & Aragorn - Battles - Comic Vine
Catti-brie and Drizzt

And finally, I choose none other than Galadriel, the Queen of Lothlorien. Aside from their similarities in appearance, Kristina somehow always has the right words when I share difficult experiences with her. This ‘wisdom of the moment’ is one of her great talents and has often been a light in dark places for me. Kristina also share’s Galadriel’s knack for bestowing gifts that are perfectly-suited to the recipient. Some of her recent choices for me included a Mass Effect coloring book, Thrawn by Timothy Zahn, and Andromeda Initiative socks, all of which I absolutely loved.

Lord Of The Rings: What Galadriel Did Before The Movies

K My first choice is Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn – Aloy has determination, curiosity, is open-minded, and refuses to let anyone else tell her how to live (especially people who want to cast her out). All of these I see in Jonathan. Aloy was also an early adopter of technology and Jonathan stays pretty in-the-know about upcoming tech. I learned about the PS5 announcement from him and he’s taught me many tips and tricks about the iPhone as apparently I don’t pay enough attention to these things (my words, not his). Bonus: She has red hair too.


Dr. Watson from various Sherlock Holmes – My opinion is, if Dr. Watson is the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories, then he very well could have embellished the tales. Meaning, some of that wit we see Sherlock having is obviously Dr. Watson! Depending on which movie/TV series you watch (I’m pulling more from the most recent one Martin Freeman) Dr. Watson is clever and witty in his own right. So to summarize why I picked this character for Jonathan, obviously part one is that Dr. Watson is a writer as is Jonathan. But also that he is a true friend to Sherlock Holmes no matter what mood he might be in. And, Dr. Watson is smart, patient, and a great observer. (Side note, I almost went with Varric from the Dragon Age series as he is also a writer and very witty, but Varric also has some vices and is rather diminutive in stature so I didn’t want to give the wrong impression as a backhanded compliment or anything. Ha.)

Sherlock and Watson
Sherlock and Watson

Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG1 – I would argue that Daniel Jackson is one of Sam Carter’s best friends (I identify with Sam very strongly). So, Jonathan = Daniel in that respect. But beyond that, Daniel Jackson is smart (hello PhD) and can hold his own in witty comebacks with O’Neill and even win the challenges in many cases. He also uses big words. Fun fact, I’ve had to look up the definition of a word a time or two before texting J back. Dr. Jackson can be funny and sarcastic, but also extremely caring. In the show we see the character form a close bond with his team, watching over them even (spoiler alert) in death. Daniel Jackson is also a voice of reason, encouraging others to see the different types of people they encounter as unique individuals and not something to fear. I view my conversations with Jonathan as not only entertaining, but I also value the perspective he shows me which challenges my thinking and helps me think critically.

Daniel Jackson

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