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Happy Tuesday, Seekers! J & K are back with another iteration of Tunesday, in which we tell you about some of our favorite bops of the moment. Crank up the volume and take a listen.

J “Lucid,” by Rina Sawayama — It’s no longer brand new, but “Lucid” by Rina Sawayama is such a bright, bouncy gem of a song. I can’t help but smile and sing along to the effortlessly catchy hook. And, it has just the right amount of instrumental dance breaks for me to really cut loose in the car, shower, or wherever it happens to be playing. This song will make you believe that lucid dreams really do come true.

“Get Out My Head” by Shane Codd — This irresistible earworm hooked me the first time I heard it on BPM. It’s since been all over the airwaves, but I have yet to hit overplay fatigue with this song…it’s just that fun. Turn it up and get ready to dance.

“Flames” by MOD SUN feat. Avril Lavigne — Never mind that it features Avril, the instrumentation of this song takes me right back to the glory days of emo rock. The raspy snarl of MOD SUN’s voice contrasts beautifully with the pristine clarity of Avril’s distinctive tone. It’s a classic pairing in rock music that remains one of my favorite combinations of sounds, and this song executes it so well.

K A lot of my days are filled with toddler things, and music is one of those. I’ve got to hand it to those who create music for kids – there’s some really catchy tunes in the basket of kid fun. My good friend, also with wee ones, let me know that there’s this thing called Twenty Trucks. I have learned SO much about trucks, and discovered trucks I didn’t know existed. Anyway, this one song takes the classic Ice Cream truck music and remixes it with a (dare I say it) sick beat. I find myself wandering the house singing it.

I’m starting to replay the JRPG Chrono Trigger (mainly because I don’t remember more than a few bits of it and my husband thinks it’s one of the greatest stories ever). So we’ve been listening to some of the game music around the house. Robo’s Theme is rather fun. (Yes, he’s a robot)

Lastly, going back to old favorites. I can’t go wrong to Daft Punk. Doin’ It Right.

What are you listening to?

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