Now that our cover for Trials of the Innermost has been revealed (missed the newsletter? sign up here so you don’t miss important news!), we’ve received a few questions about purchasing and supporting us. This post is to help answer some questions you might have.


Where can I purchase TOTI?

Right now you can preorder at our publisher, Hansen House. Closer to release, it will be available on most online retailers including Amazon.

What formats will be available?

Ebook, paperback, and hardback!

Where should I buy to support you the best?

A sale is a sale! But if you’re interested in extra goodies, preorders will come with (yet to be determined) goodies at our publisher only. Hardbacks from our publisher have a dust jacket while hardbacks at Amazon have the cover printed on them directly (if you have a preference with hardback style).

You can also request the book from your local indie bookstore! When you order a book from them, someone at the store is placing the order. That person gets notified about the book, might read it, and could order copies to stock at the store. 


Supporting our book trials of the innermost

How can I support you and your book? Or other indie authors.

By buying our book, of course! But there are other (free) ways to support us:

  • Share share share! Tell your friends and family, your hair stylist, that person talking about how much they love Horizon Zero Dawn, your DnD crew, etc. Word of mouth really does work!
  • Be social. On social media, like and share our posts, link to our website and socials, share a picture of you holding our novel (once it’s out) on your Instagram. Interact with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok by commenting, reposting, etc.
  • Post reviews! Goodreads, Amazon, etc. wherever people buy books. Even a line or two. This helps readers find us and those algorithms to recommend us to shoppers. Have your own blog? Share your review there, too!
  • Request our book at your library. Sometimes that helps get the location to have the author do an appearance, and when you return it to the library, future borrowers could help promote it.
  • Visibility! Read it on the train, put it at the edge of your work desk, and take it to the coffee shop. Readers especially are curious and will take note of what you’re reading.
  • Go to the author events. And bring a friend! If the author is having a Q&A, prepare a few questions to ask. It’ll help others to ask their questions, too.
  • Give the book as a gift. That person might become a super fan, too!

These can be used for other indie authors as well! Do you have other ways you support your favorite authors?

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