Recently on my own blog, I posted about Gifts for Writers: 10 Ideas That Aren’t Notebooks, but sometimes there are gorgeous notebooks, and notebooks that add unique value, that you just can’t pass up. Here are four notebook ideas as gifts for authors. (Post by K)

A Leather Journal

There’s something about a leather-bound notebook with rustic paper. It feels like you’ve stepped back in time, or in another land ready to fight dragons. Particularly for fantasy, steampunk, historical fiction or poetry writers, I suggest one like this as a gift for an author in your life. I’ve been saving mine to write a journal from one of our characters’ perspectives in Trials of the Innermost.

A Build-Your-Own-Notebook

For a writer who likes to plan, or wants some direction in developing worlds, characters, even a series, a workbook may be helpful. There are many template options on sites like Etsy where the writer can download sheets and create their own novel-planning notebook. Here’s one example.

Walls Notebook

This book is filled with…walls. They provide interesting backdrops for writing as well as notes, thoughts, doodles, and more. It brings out the inner graffiti artist – without breaking the law. I received this as a gift and found it sparked quite a bit of poetry.

Fantasy Scenes Notebook Gift for Authors

I received this as a gift last year. Each page is an illustration from magical forests to stags with the moon. The pages are so beautiful I almost didn’t want to write on them. But when I did, I found the images sparked poetry as well as scenes in several of my WIP (works in progress).

Do you have a beloved notebook? Share with us your favorite writing pads to gift or receive!

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