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leafless trees in misty autumn forest

It’s Friday the 13th, and in 2020 who knows what that means. Will an asteroid wipe us out? Will kaiju emerge from beneath the Earth’s crust and begin destroying our civilization? Hopefully none of the above, but here’s how we feel about this most infamous of dates. J There are a number of theories surrounding how Friday the 13th came to be considered an unlucky day, but it’s a predominantly Western superstition. Elsewhere in the world Tuesday the 13th is the spooky date, or Friday the 17th. Regardless of its origins or the exact date on the calendar, superstition based on numbers is part ofRead More →

If you had a time machine, when would you go? This is the question we tackle in today’s blog post! J So many choices! I would definitely go back in time to see what really happened to the dinosaurs (and make a quick getaway!). And see how the pyramids and Stonehenge were built…maybe meet the oft-rumored ‘ancient aliens.’ I could see myself settling in the Delian League for a time–I’m a huge fan of Greek mythology and culture. Once my appetite for the past was sated, I’d take a peek into the distant future. 10,000 years from now, will humanity exist? If so, are weRead More →

As the election goes on, and on, and on like Celine Dion’s greatest hit, we are alleviating our anxiety by balancing doom-scrolling with pure silliness. If you follow K on Twitter, you saw a fun Star Trek-themed example of this yesterday. Today’s post will continue in this vein by telling you about the Disney characters who we think best personify us. J While I don’t consider myself evil by any means, I very much relate to Maleficent’s desire to protect that which she holds dear (I’m basing this on the more modern interpretation of the character). And I can be perfectly wicked when I’m wrongedRead More →