If you follow us on social media, or regularly read our blogs, you know that both J and K are big fans of the Dragon Age series. Bioware announced that they would be revealing something about the next game on 12/10 and we are stoked. Here’s what we think might be in the next game.

J Given where Dragon Age Inquisition (DAI) and its DLCs left us, it seems likely that we’ll be playing as the Inquisitor again (or a successor of theirs) and attempting to stop the Dread Wolf from carrying out his plan of restoring the Evanuris to power. Your choices in DAI will likely influence whose support you have (i.e. the Templars, apostate mages), and what role the Wardens will play, if any. I think Dragon Age 4 (DA4) has the potential to offer the most nuanced political landscape yet seen in the franchise. Is the Inquisition plagued by internal divisions fueled by old enmities, or has it lost its purpose? Does the Inquisitor still carry the same authority without the anchor? These are the questions I want answered. Also, I don’t think we’ll see another Blight in this installment. I predict that the events of DA4 will trigger the next one and create a crisis for the Wardens to be explored in the eventual sequel. If there’s anything I’ve learned from being a fan of Bioware games, it’s that they never give you what you want when you want it.

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K Predicting the precise plot of the next Dragon Age game depends on choices and will differ from others’ playing experience – which is why I love these games so much. I’m taking some of the key elements from the games to influence my ideas of where the next game will take place; such as the topic of the treatment of the mages via the Circle and control by the Templars, the growing story revealed about the Qunari, the progression of seeing things connected with the Old Gods (The Architect, Corypheus, Magisters of Tevinter). I predict that a good portion of the DA4 will be spent in the Tevinter Imperium, Seheron, and the Anderfels. Given some of the previous plot points, there are a lot of connections to the mages of Tevinter – it would be interesting to see Dorian’s homeland as well as how different the mages function there vs Ferelden. Seheron I call out due to Tevinter’s long war with the Qunari and as I mentioned that race of people has had a growing story – I really want to see more of the Qunari! And for the Anderfels, specifically Weisshaupt¬†the Grey Warden headquarters. I think it’s time to return to the root of why we all came to Dragon Age – the darkspawn and the Wardens. And, with it being so close to Tevinter, it makes logical sense geographically (and some plot elements as well). So really, I guess I’m predicting we spend time in the northern parts of Thedas. Lastly, I’ll throw in that I’d love to see Antiva. A coastal country with many ports – I’m getting serious pirate vibes and could use a few more characters like Zivran or Isabela. Plus, it’s also in the north so it fits with my theory.

Dragon Age: Origins - Three new videos and 15 pictures from the Comic Con -  Update

Which one of us is closer with our prediction? Hopefully we will see in two days. Tell us what you think the next installment has in store for us.

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