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K sent an Etsy link to J the other day of a candle inspired by one of her favorite video game characters. Then they got to thinking…what would a character smell like based on the various descriptions or things we know about them? And then this happened. Behold! Candles designed by J&K.

J My natural inclination is to design a candle that smells how I want this character to smell, but I’ll curb my selfish tendencies. I’m choosing Dorian from Dragon Age Inquisition. The sardonic Tevinter mage uses words as weapons and carries himself with the grace and poise of a born aristocrat. He’s no slouch in combat, either, wielding powerful magic against his enemies. To capture his essence in candle form is no small feat, but I’m starting with a base of cinnamon and vanilla, adding a dash of patchouli, and finishing things off with a hint of wood smoke. Sweet with sharp notes that betray an underlying edge, it’s the perfect candle for Dorian. In true candle store fashion, I’m naming this candle Tevinter Winter Night.

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Dorian Pavus

K I Love That Journey For Me is a vegan soy candle with Top Notes of Sea Breeze and Green-Smoothie-No-Greens (Almond Milk), Mid Notes of Suntan Lotion and Succulent, and a hint of Schitt (Musk) with EwwDavid (Mahogany)

If you haven’t guessed, this is Alexis Rose from Schitt’s Creek! Sea Breeze hints at Alexis’s travels, including her abduction by pirates, as does the Suntan Lotion (which doubles for her fashion/beauty connection and sunbathing). Almond Milk captures her favorite smoothie (Green no greens). Succulent hints at her own Succulent plant as well as some time spent traveling and the idea of the Galapagos Islands. Musk and Mahogany added to capture the earthy tones of Schitt’s Creek and the musty but classy old motel room shared with David, respectfully.

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Tell us, would you buy our candles? Have you ever imagined what a character would smell like?

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