ONE. MONTH. UNTIL. RELEASE! This is not a drill. 30 days until release day! We put together a fun list of 30 things we love about our fantasy and sci-fi fusing novel, Trials of the Innermost. Which doubles as 30 reasons to read it. (Preorder now for goodies like art prints and a map, plus a signed book plate.)  If you like the fusing of fantasy and sci-fi, multiple povs, lgbtq+ characters and romance subplots, and animal companions… add TOTI to your Goodreads TBR pile!

  • Queer representation
  • Magic like FF7’s Materia mixed with the Force from Star Wars
  • Magic-canceling metal
  • Nods to Tolkien with songs and poetry in the text
  • Telepathic, killer birds
  • Our bard when he’s like Pippin Took at the Moria well
  • Dragon-like creatures born from lava
  • Cake and donuts, not just cheese and bread
  • Flying galleons
  • Mysterious glowing cubes and holographic scripts
  • Extra dimensional entities 
  • Every character has a secret
  • Explosive flowers
  • Challenging social norms and rules
  • Cerulean-haired folks 
  • Giant. Bioluminescent. Mushrooms.
  • An electrifying colony organism
  • Buggy swamps and coral reef pillars
  • The power of friendship
  • Idrilia just does the thing. No time to ponder
  • People overcoming learned prejudice
  • Dinosaur-like mounts that can camouflage with the desert
  • A city navigable by canals
  • Original swears /curse words
  • Dangerous artificial intelligence
  • Wolves that have poisonous barbed tails
  • A merry band of outcasts
  • Ocarinas and dulcimers
  • Unrequited longing
  • Two-tailed lion-sized doggy will pounce and lick your face… or shred you with his claws

Add it to your Goodreads shelf.

It's Release Month!
Press Release - Coauthors Release Novel Fusing Fantasy and Sci-fi

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