Introduction Hello, Seekers! If you follow me (Jonathan) on Twitter, you’ve probably heard me talk about how often I travel for work. I’m usually gone for a few days every week. On each trip I book a rental car, so I’ve experienced various brands and models. Today, I’m going to review some of my noteworthy rentals and drop some advice for renters who don’t travel as frequently as me. In case you’re wondering whether I’m actually qualified to do so: I worked in the automotive industry for 4 years as a product specialist and I’m a lifelong automotive enthusiast. My first magazine subscription was CarRead More →

Hello, Seekers! I (Jonathan) got to enjoy a rare period of no work travel and took full advantage of it. Through Twitter, I discovered a game from an indie developer that immediately piqued my interest. Romancelvania has proved to be every bit as amusing as its title suggested. Here’s my review of this fun little romp through a world of sexy monsters. Genre: Action adventure, platformer, Metroidvania Overview: Dracula lost everything when the Van Helsings defeated him. The Grim Reaper offers him redemption and a chance to find true romance through a dating show, but as always, love bites. My Rating: 4.0/5.0 Romancelvania Game ReviewRead More →