Sci-fi creators have come up with some pretty amazing ideas for gizmos and gadgets large and small. Many of those have influenced technology today. (Thank you Star Trek) While a hard choice to pick just one, we asked ourselves which one technology we wished was real.

J Number one on my list for sure would be interstellar travel. If I could go explore other worlds I’d do it in a heartbeat.

K Teleportation. I loathe the big time-suck which is driving to and from places. Sure, I like to sightsee now and then. But I’d rather pop in to say hi to my family or decide I want to visit New Zealand today and just step onto my PTD (personal teleportation device) and just be there. Oops, forgot my hobbit-themed sandwich brb pop.

There you have it. In our own ways, both of us want to travel future-style. What technology do you wish was real?

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