Greetings, Seekers! Today’s post is out of this world (literally). We’re chronicling our favorite sci-fi monsters from all types of media. They range from the genuinely monstrous to probably just misunderstood. Let’s meet these creatures from worlds and galaxies far, far away.

Our Favorites

The Xenomorph

Photo of the xenomorph from the Alien film franchise

No list of space beasties would be complete without perhaps the most infamous of them all: the xenomorph from the Alien film franchise. It’s at once frightening and intriguing and has become one of the most recognizable creatures in movie history. Curious about its backstory? Check it out here.


An artist’s depiction of ysalamiri on their homeworld of Myrkr

The ysalamiri are creations of Timothy Zahn from the Star Wars Legends era that happily were brought into Disney’s New Canon thanks to the tv show Star Wars Rebels. These reptile-like creatures create bubbles where the Force cannot be used or is severely diminished, effectively neutralizing Jedi’s abilities. Read more about them here.


Neo-Bahamut from Final Fantasy VII

This one goes out to our fellow Final Fantasy fans. Neo-Bahamut can be summoned to your aid in Final Fantasy VII and it packs a wallop. There are other incarnations of this dragon-like entity scattered throughout the Final Fantasy series, but the design of this one is a standout. Read more about Neo-Bahamut.


Meta Ridley from Metroid Prime

It’s a space dragon. Need we say more? Ridley is another of our favorite sci-fi monsters. Like Neo-Bahamut, Ridley shows up in various forms throughout the Metroid video game series as a perennial foe of Samus Aran. Learn more about Ridley and his deadly incarnations here.


An image of Cactuar from Final Fantasy

This prickly menace first appeared way back in Final Fantasy VI and has become a mainstay of the franchise. Alternately known as Cactuar or Sabotender, these are rare enemies that will hit you with some nasty ignore-defense damage. Try to doge 10,000 needles. They’re also hard to hit back, so engage with caution. Read more about Cactuar.


Image of Sovereign from Mass Effect

Last but certainly not least is Sovereign: the first Reaper encountered in the Mass Effect video game series (also the name for a class of enemies in later installments). A member of a hyper-advanced sentient machine race, Sovereign is creepy but cool and altogether fascinating. Learn more about Sovereign.

Thanks for Reading

We hope you enjoyed this list of our favorite sci-fi monsters. What are some of yours? Comment below and let us know!

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