We all love memes, right? Nothing quite captures a moment like a still image with funny text. (Or moving if you prefer the gif variety). We decided to share our favorite writing memes with you today.

J This is a classic meme for so many things, but it really hits the nail on the head for our adventures in editing of late.

I think about our characters A LOT. Ponder scenarios and how they’d respond, imagine what they’d be like IRL. And, if you’ve kept up with our posts about crushes, you know that sometimes we’d like them to be thinking about us, too.

And of course, as the author you can’t help but feel a little malicious glee when you know your readers are going to be shocked by what you just crafted.

12 Writing Memes to Brighten Up Your Monday

K My favorite editing is getting to add little details and new scenes. But the rest is an unpleasant mix of fixing word choices, phrasing, pacing, punctuation issues, and missing dialog tags. My eyes cross by the end.

This next one is maybe not technically a meme. But I love it so. I’m currently in the I-spend-too-much-time-online falls and should be writing more! If you write, where are you?

And then I have got to work on my elevator pitch skills when trying to tell people about my writing projects.

What are some of your favorites?

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  1. Oh the first or last one!

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      They are pretty good aren’t they?

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