Today we bring you Adventures on the Path to Publishing – an update on our progress.

As you may know from our previous blog posts and vlog videos, we are editing our manuscript. We are excited to polish our novel and submit to agents and publishers!

Last month we had a writecation to kick start our editing. What’s a writecation, you ask? It’s  a bit like a vacation. We took off a few days from our respective employments and met to go over our manuscript and develop a system for reviewing, discussing, and making those edits. By the time we had to return to our day jobs, we had developed an editing machine (so to speak) and made a substantial dent into the pile.

We paused briefly as Kristina took a true vacation to sunny Florida (see the video below!).  We are now back to our collaborative edits and we passed the 50% mark. Keep following our updates here, seekers, and via our other social media.

By your compass stay true!


Editing Complete!

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