Musical instruments in video games

J & K are both gamers and we also play musical instruments. In this blog we introduce you to some well known, or maybe not so well known, video games which feature* musical instruments. Have you played these? Let us know some of your favorites that we missed! *The use of the word “feature” here is defined as shown and/or mentioned more than 3 times in a given video game. Games which are rhythm based only are not included (Ex. Not Guitar Hero). Chrono Cross The character Nikki is a rock star of this video game world, so what does he fight with? His electricRead More →

Hi Seekers! We posted a new vlog at our YouTube account last week. Did you miss it? We talk about our favorite games (or favourite if we want to sprinkle in some British English). Watch us tell you about our all time favorite video games, and discuss recently played games that made our favorites list. Did your game(s) make our list? We also talk about an upcoming game we are exited to play. I’ve listed the games featured in our video below. Which game belongs to who? Watch to find out. We hope you enjoy the video! Dragon Age Mass Effect Halo Xenogears Final FantasyRead More →