Characters » Kharnek

Biographical Information

Age: 28
Height: 6’4”
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Gender: Male
Birth Realm: Komor
Weapon of Choice: Sword
Title: City Guard

“A warrior must be both more and less than human.


Kharnek’s life began as an orphan fighting to survive in the streets of the Komorese capital. He was possessed at a young age by an alien force that bestowed him with preternatural abilities. When the military forcibly conscripted him and discovered this, he was subjected to physical and psychological abuse that turned him into a living weapon for Komor’s rulers to use against the other realms—or dissidents within their ranks. Kharnek is still unable to exert full control over his powers and eschews attachment out of fear of hurting others. He was sent to the Trials of the Innermost with a mission known only to him and a select few of the Komorese elite.