Characters » Kalis Vaktare

Biographical Information

Age: 21
Height: 6’0”
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Male
Birth Realm: Sondrine
Weapon of Choice: Sword
Title: Prioriate

“Whatever it is, it can’t be good, you know?”


The scion of an influential military family, Kalis always followed the rules to the letter. His was a strict household that eschewed closeness in favor of order, but that did not stop him from forming a very close relationship with his younger sister. Outwardly quiet and reserved, Kalis still feels very deeply but struggles to deal with emotional outbursts from others. He was always at or near the top of his training class due to his consistent excellence and ability to quickly master complex life force techniques. Kalis was in his second year of training at Priorium, the military academy of Sondrine, when he was selected for the Trials of the Innermost.