Characters » Idrilia Volundar

Biographical Information

Age: 20
Height: 5’9”
Eye Color: Light blue
Gender: Female
Birth Realm: Sondrine
Weapon of Choice: Daggers (dual-wielded)
Title: Dual-wielder

“Protecting Sondrine is our duty and honor.”


Born into a prominent family in Sondrine, Idrilia grew up surrounded by expectations as to who she would become, many of them her own. Idrilia poured herself into her training to become a soldier like her father, whom she deeply admires. She is also devoted to her younger sisters and the memory of her grandmother. In the preliminary training that all Sondrinel receive, her fierce independence and usage of unconventional tactics (including favoriting wielding magic crystals of the exploding kind) quickly distinguished her from her peers, but also earned her a reputation for being hotheaded. At the time of her selection as a Truthseeker she had applied for admittance to the military academy but had yet to receive an answer.