Stories of Hope and Healing

Book Cover: Elixir
ISBN: 9781956037999
ISBN: 9781956037890

For those looking to escape, discover, heal, and believe, Elixir will take you to worlds where light always finds its way.

Elixir is a collection of LGBT science fiction fantasy stories themed in hope and healing. If you've ever wanted characters to go through the ringer but end happy regardless, this is the escape you've been looking for. Featuring space travelers, aliens, witches, alternate realities, alternate planets, mermaids, and demon hunters, Elixir very well has something for everyone. With original stories from: Hester Steel, Toni Mobley, Mel Miranda, Lea Falls, Amber Denwood, Jonathan Fuller, Cate Pearce, Shawna Barnett, Arianna Emery, Evalyn Broderick.

Jonathan's story "The Remembered” features a gay protagonist, a virtual world, some aliens, tech, and humanity’s ability to face the unknown

Publisher: Hansen House
Cover Artists:
Reviews:Alicia on Goodreads wrote:

Let me just say I have tried reading many anthologies before in my life time and have always struggled. However, this one kept my attention.

Each story was beautifully written and really encapsulated the theme of this anthology. The chemistry between the characters in each story was delightful. All the happy endings made my heart feel full.

Dani on Goodreads wrote:

This is a stunning anthology, put together with care and attention and each story written with love.

Every story is beautifully written and inspires hope in the reader. You'll fall in love with each world and the characters.

There is something for everyone in this anthology. Each story is LGBTQ+ in theme, but they encompass a wide range of SFF genres. You'll be enthralled.