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Hello, Seekers! If we have any Harto fans among you, then you’ll recognize the title of today’s post. J and K, alas, will not be creating original lyrics to royalty-free music. Instead, we’re going to talk about some of the songs and artists that are making our socks go up and down right now! J I generally love anything by Illennium and his latest track “Nightlight” is no exception. It is pure ear candy, with a melancholic opening that crescendos into a roaring plea for a guiding light. Gorgeous string samples overlay an electronic riff that mimics the distorted wail of an electric guitar. InRead More →

Ever try to watch a movie, such as Lord of the Rings, without the soundtrack? Sounds weird, right? Music is an integral part of the way stories are told in movies. While not [yet] popular with books, they have been done. Check out the Star Wars novel, Shadow of the Empire, for example and the soundtrack here. Our talented friend and pianist, JohnWillard Utuk, has started to compose themes for our characters! Music and writing unite! We have musicianship IN our novel (read Trials of the Innermost and see) and music about our novel. Check them out below and tell us what you think. HearRead More →