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Greetings, Seekers! For those of you who may be newer to our blog, Jonathan and Kristina go by J & K for short. Today, I (J) put fingers to keys to describe my feelings about LGBT+ voices being declared ‘underrepresented’ by the writing and publishing community. K and I have encountered this categorization untold times in our quest toward finding an agent/publisher, and it’s prompted fruitful conversation. Without further ado… Let’s get one critical element out of the way: I identify as a gay male. My coming out experience was, well, an experience. I know the sting of rejection by family and friends and whatRead More →

The second in our Fictional Crushes series wherein J & K discuss the fictional characters who make them swoon. Check out our literary picks here. Today’s characters come from the gaming world! J Commander Shepard from Mass Effect (in his male incarnation) will forever be my biggest video game crush. He has that brooding look that’s so irresistible to me, and an unwavering sense of loyalty to his friends. Mass Effect was the first game I ever played that offered male/male romance options, so Shepard’s character resonated with me in a way that no other had. Fun fact: his character’s appearance is based on MarkRead More →

Writing is a deeply personal endeavor. Authors bring much of themselves to their work, and J and K are no different. Equally personal is a reader’s experience of a story. Everyone leaves with something different. Today, J & K talk about what they hope readers of Trials of the Innermost will take from the story. J My favorite stories spirit me away to places where impossibilities become realities, to realms where my imagination grazes on fields of dreams. And yet, beneath the glittering landscape lies a shining nugget of realization that but awaits my discovery. When I find it, I know myself better. And inRead More →