We’ve all been there. You’re hanging out with friends and the smash hit of the moment comes on. Everyone knows the words and cranks the volume. And you just cringe and pretend to like it too, but inside, you’re dying. Today, we dive into the artists we think are overrated and get the thumbs down in our playlists. J Number one on my list of most overrated artists has to be Coldplay. They are U2-lite for a younger generation, with many sonic parallels. That’s not to say they aren’t talented–I just find them derivative. And Chris Martin’s voice is so grating to me. It’s monotonousRead More →

We all have our favorite places to sit down and read a good book. Maybe they are already perfect, with blankets and pillows at the ready. Or maybe we have a dream reading nook that we’ve always wanted. Cozy and quiet, a certain atmosphere – let’s talk book nooks! J Location, location, location…it’s not just a rule of thumb for real estate. The best reading spots have views. Whether it’s overlooking a swathe of sparkling ocean or the boughs of a stout oak tree, a proper book nook offers visuals that feed the imagination. My perfect book nook also includes ready access to a cozyRead More →

time lapse photo of stars on night

Hello, Seekers! We hope you are all staying safe. In the midst of uncertainty, we all tend to fall back on certain characteristics, personality traits, and patterns, many of which are described by the astrological signs. Whether you put stock in them or not, their accuracy can be uncanny. Today, we’re talking about our own signs and how well we identify with them. Break out those horoscopes! J Capricorn, the Sea-Goat, is my sun sign, and I identify strongly with its archetypal characteristics. If you’re unfamiliar with the tragic backstory of Pricus, the creature that became the astrological symbol for Caps, he was the parentRead More →