Greetings Seekers!

It has been too long since we crafted a blog post for your consumption. Thank you for your support and encouragement throughout the long, arduous process of writing, editing, and attempting to publish our debut novel. Trials of the Innermost has yet to find a home with a literary agency, and that brings us to today’s topic: publish or perish.

We have endured the hardships of countless rejections. Our mental fortitude has taken a beating–yet we are not being told ‘your story isn’t good enough.’ On the contrary, our story has received praise from multiple agents. They ultimately passed because it ‘just wasn’t for [them].’ Rejections of that nature remind us that reading is a subjective exercise, and we will never appeal to everyone who might pick up our book. But rather than let a story moulder amidst a pile of rejections, should it not be set free into the world? To publish it rather than let it perish like so many untold stories?

Contemplation of this question has brought us very close to self-publishing. As of now we have not made a final decision, because there are pros and cons to both the traditional methods of publishing as well as the newer methods facilitated by the rise of digital publishing. What are your thoughts, Seekers? Have any of you faced this same struggle, and if so, how did you overcome it? We welcome and value your input.

By your compass stay true.


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